Artist: Wrestling Secrets
Title: Night Swim II EP
Release #: MIF091
Year: 2009
Format: Tape (Out of print)

01. Book 1: The Rock, The Flag, And The Eagle
02. Castle Bearskull
03. (You Don't Put) A Man On A List
05. Knifeagram

Miller: Vox / Bass
Pellatiro: Guitar
Volkman: Drums
Davis: Recording

Recorded with minimal overdubbing
at 709 Railroad St.
Johnstown, PA.
My Idea Of Fun 091.
Listen to Cursed Knife.

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Artist: Wrestling Secrets
Title: To Hell With Wrestling Secrets
Release #: MIF082
Year: 2008
Format: Digital

01. A [MP3]
02. B [MP3]

To Hell With Wrestling Secrets.
December 2008.

Volkman: Brains
Jake: Looks
Skull: Wild Card

Recorded in Brandon's room
with one SM57 microphone,
a few days before Christmas.

Make shit with your friends,
all the time.
My Idea Of Fun 082.

Artist: Wrestling Secrets
Title: Night Swim EP
Release #: MIF015
Year: 2007
Format: Tape
Pressing #1: 25 Copies (Out of print)

Side A
01. Slow Danger
02. Denman's Dream
03. You Are A Frail Man

Bide B
05. You Sound Sweaty

Jake: Guitar
Skull: Vox, Guitar
Amber: Bass
Brandon: Drums
Davis: Recording
Kylie: Screams, Snacks
Chelsea: Crafts

Make something with your friends.
My Idea Of Fun 015.

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