Artist: The One and Only Matt Miller
Release #: MIF287
Year: 2014
Format: Cassette / Digital

1. Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do (Don't Do Anything)
2. The Manna from Heaven Machine
3. Boys, with the Blues, on Red Alert
4. The Paradise Hotel Lobby Lost + Found
5. My Dramamine Queen/
6. Dreaming Collective(ly) in Hi Fi

1. An Extended Metaphor about Beating a Dead Horse
2. Cypher City
3. "Here Lies Harriet Y"
4. The Virgin Suicides
5. Permanent Markers

1, 2 + 5b recorded by Zach Spellman (and he plays drums)
6 + 3b recorded by Brandon Locher

Artist: The One and Only Matt Miller
Title: Untitled - Music from Entitled by Bret Sarlouis
Release #: MIF169
Year: 2010
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Digital

01. Hidden Song with Neddle * [MP3]
02. Left [MP3]
03. Pie [MP3]
04. Untitled [MP3]
05. Outside [MP3]
06. Hidden Song pt 2 * [MP3]

* from MIF#162

(un)apologetic productions and Theatre Matters presents:
Entitled a world perimer play by Bret Sarlouis.

Randy Jeffreys as Left
Scott Jeffreys as Pie
Bret Sarlouis & Kate Davis - Co-direction
Matt Miller - Original Music
Laci Hess - Set Design
Paula Carroll - Stage Manager
Brianne France Layton - Costume Design
Wes Layton / Matt Davis - Technical
Brandon Locher - Audio Recording
Joshua Hoover - Artist Director

Special Thanks To:
The Bottle Works Ethic Arts Center, Village Street Cafe, My Idea of Fun, Jacob Koestler, Ed Zahurak, and Matt Koscinski.

Artist: The One and Only Matt Miller
Title: The Vienna Noise Choir in Mid-Fi™
Release #: MIF162
Year: 2010
Format: CD in Picture Frame (Out of Print) / Digital

01. [(So) Long] Live Rock n Roll
02. You Catch More Flies w/ $$$$$ [MP3]
03. Holy Ghost / Drum Solo [MP3]
04. Dreaming Collective(ly) [MP3]
05. Hidden Song Pt 1
06. Hypocrite Parade
07. Graveyard Shapeshifter
08. The Errer of My Ways
09. The Sun
10. So Long (Live Rock n Roll)
11. The Suspense


Artist: The One and Only Matt Miller
Title: The One and Only Matt Miller
Release #: MIF125
Year: 2009
Format: Tape (Out of Print) / Digital

Side A
01. Ghosts Like Me [MP3]
02. Wax Bad Apple [MP3]
03. Track 3 [MP3]

Side B
04. Track 4 [MP3]
05. Track 5 [MP3]
06. The Virgin Suicides [MP3]
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