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Artist: Emmett and Mary
Title: Surveying Revelations
Release #: MIF130
Format: CD (Out of Print)

01. Popular Inviation
02. Surveying Revelations (Ash Road) *
03. The Ballad of Emmett and Mary (This Love So Tragic)
04. Implications on Changing Weather (January and June)
05. Early Dismissal (Teenage Queen) [MP3]

07. Square Tenses
08. Answers: Page 327
09. Personal Static
10. Josephine (Outro)

* from the album "S/T" available on My Idea of Fun Compact Digital Discs #MIF64 - www.myideaoffun.org

All songs written by Brandon Locher and Christopher S. Bell except Square Tenses and Answers: Pages 327 by: Adelman/Bell/Locher and Personal Static by: Adelman/Goch/Locher.

Emmett and Mary:
Dane Adelman
Christopher S. Bell
Ryan Brisini
Dave DeStifano
Rod Fisher
Bethany Goch
PK Harmon
Casey Hawk
Sean Jackson
Chris Kupchella
John Livingston
Brandon Locher
Matt Miller
Mike Miller
Amanda Ross
Annie Rummel
John Thorell
Matt Wagner

Produced by Emmett and Mary.
Engineered and Mixed Brandon Locher.

For further information on Josephine's Dream and Technological Epidemics read:
The Opposite of Blinking, Level Up and Level Out, The Annexation of the Living Room, Portraits of the Suburban Attention Span, Any and All Odd Ends, Stay Young and Numb, Systems and Symptoms, One-Sided Christian Questions, The Deflated Generation, and Modern Day Distractions.

Thank you:
Brandy Lanzendorfer.